Providing Helpful Resources to Inspire Hope

Helpful Resources for Survivors of Domestic Abuse

As a nonprofit organization, the Children See Children Do team is dedicated to empowering domestic abuse survivors and their children. To do this, we have provided helpful resources that aim to point them to the right direction.

Resources for Children

Awards for Children

Combined work of heart-based artists - supporting the United Nations’ vision of ZERO violence against children by 2030:-

  • Jeanne Youn - Hope Rose Ribbon Awards
  • Lisa Liggett - Animal/doll Painting Awards
  • Robyn Becker - Mandala Painting Awards
  • Rose Catalano - Ceramics “R U OK” Doll/Name Plate Awards
  • Larisa Balous NL - Matryoshka (Babushka doll) Award
  • Sahika Goker - “R U Ok” Worry Macrame Dolls/beads Awards
  • Scouts (Joey) - “R U Ok” Worry Beads

Music Collection

“It’s Life” (Mandala/healing love) Serhiy Strazhnik

2. Domestic Violence awareness songs

Babyface How come, How long

“Who fights Who” YETI White Metal band

1. Fun songs

“I think you’re wonderful” - by Red Grammer

Susan Vega: Luka

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