Our Founder’s Fight Against Domestic Violence

Our Founder’s Fight Against Domestic Violence

Message for a Hopeful Future

“At one time in my life, I remember feeling like I wanted to take everything back from my beloved husband for his twenty-three years of violence - my endless love, loyalty, my energy .. but most critically important, the loss of our children’s innocence, thinking it was all in vain.

Over the years, the ‘searing pain’ became my biggest ‘muse’, inspiring me to create ChildrenSeechildrenDo.org and my DreamTeam supporting me - each in their own way.

This non-profit organisation is therefore dedicated to all children. We want a different future for them; We want the intergenerational chain of abuse broken. We’re working heart and soul with the United Nations’ vision of “ZERO violence against children by 2030”.

Our goal is to use the collaborative power of this organization - ChildrenSeeChildrenDo to give back to defenseless children. In the past, my personal focus worked on inspiring “one heart at a time”, but now the need is to collaboratively create awareness through education, discussions... engagements, in the hope of influencing actions. But most importantly we need to build partnerships and advocate for change within communities around the globe, regarding this intergenerational tragedy afflicting children. Our focus should align with children’s safety and wellbeing, in order to meet the United Nations’ vision of 2030 of ZERO violence!

For us; “Children are the most precious jewels a community can possess, for in them are the promise and guarantee of the future”: they should be encouraged to fulfill their latent talents through conscious parenting. Reward the child for good behaviors. This gives them resilience and hope for the future.


The goals for ‘ChildrenSeeChildrenDo’ will be simply stated in public forums, so as to arouse “teachable” moments around the world:

  • Stop the wildfire of intergenerational violence by giving ‘voice’ to children. Teach them to break the silence that has surrounded this ugly behaviour hidden behind ‘closed doors’. Create challenging discussions, focusing on the myths that surround family violence and its many cycles/patterns. Noting awareness of how this archaic behaviour impacts not only on the children’s mental health, but also of their external environment around them, as it is all-consuming.
  • Replace any negative behaviours and reinforce with positive parenting skills, as taken from the United Nation Convention of the Rights of the Child (UNCRC); and those acquired from the Virtues Program, whose focus is on Resilience, Respect, Hope and Caring. Allow children to learn through observation of the virtues, noting the very same ethics are being taught in the various martial arts. Finally, giving the permission to the adult’s ‘inner child’’ to finally break free so that they are more likely to listen to the child who feels they cannot express themselves.There is always a risk that any harm that is occuring will remain undiscovered and ongoing if the adult’s heart is not touched.
  • Using the metaphor of the Olympic torch, of passing on our message and actions, our energy is focused on raising the public’s awareness to Domestic Violence across the world.

By breaking this cycle, we hope to leave an enduring legacy for others.


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